Feature 4

Sticky Header, Footer, and Navbar

This template has the ability to make the Header, Footer, and Navbar be sticky or fixed. In other words, you as a Web Developer, or even your End-Users, can setup those elements to be sticky.

As you can see, when you setup them to be sticky, then you can browse the content without having to hide those elements. This is very useful, especially if you display this Web Application via Desktop mode.

You can also release the sticky status for the certain elements you desire via Theme Selector at the top right corner of screen.

Unlike the other template out there that cannot handle the unique combination setting of those elements, this template will handle each combination setting you define from Theme Selector.

For example, you can implement Hover or Click menu trigger when the Navbar is sticky. Or, you can make auto-show when the mouse is hovering on the Sidebar in Vertical Menu Layout. Just enable Fixed Sidebar Position.

Another example, you can implement Boxed Layout either for Sticky/Fixed Sidebar or Relative Sidebar, both for Horizontal and Vertical Menu Layout. Isn't cool, huh?

  • Header Position
  • Menu Position
  • Footer Position
  • Menu Icon
  • Item Border
  • SubItem Border
  • Theme Vertical Layout
  • Border Style
  • DropDown Icon
  • Theme Style
  • Menu Trigger
  • Default Settings