Feature 7

Menu Item Group

This template has the ability to group some parent menu items, so that they looks more eye-catchy. This feature is only available for Vertical Menu Layout.

Yes, this can be managed easily via Menu Editor from your PHPMaker 2017 project. You can add as many menu item group as you want. All you need to do is by enabling Group Title option from Menu Editor, and then enter # character into the URL column. Yes, it's so simple as that.

In this demo, you can see there are two group of menu item. First Groupping and Second Groupping. As you can see, there are some spaces between one with another group. This is very useful if you want to group some menu items that located in the root of your Sidebar.

When the Sidebar is collapsed, you can see the icon that represent the menu item. This ability also will be implemented for the Menu Item Group, which will turn into the ellipse icon.

  • Header Position
  • Menu Position
  • Footer Position
  • Menu Icon
  • Item Border
  • SubItem Border
  • Theme Vertical Layout
  • Border Style
  • DropDown Icon
  • Theme Style
  • Menu Trigger
  • Default Settings