Feature 5

Collapsed or Expanded Sidebar

This template also has the ability to make the Sidebar as Collapsed or Expanded. For Expanded, you can also choose whether to use normal Expanded or Expanded Popover.

When you choose normal Expanded that combined with Click menu trigger, then you will see the menu acts just like Accordion style. When you choose Expanded Popover, then you can see the expanded submenu will be displayed as popover window. Both options also can be combined with Hover or Click menu trigger.

When the Sidebar is collapsed, you can see the icon that represent the menu item. This ability also will be implemented for the Menu Item Group, which will turn into the ellipse icon.

To expand or collapse the Sidebar, then you may simply click on hamburger menu toggle icon at the left Header section.

Not only that, you can also optimize the ability of Expanded by adding three options of Sidebar Effect. They are: Shrink, Overlay, or Push. This effect can be seen properly by using Desktop and Tablet mode.

Especially for Phone mode, then you can only see the Expanded and Overlay sidebar effect.

  • Header Position
  • Menu Position
  • Footer Position
  • Menu Icon
  • Item Border
  • SubItem Border
  • Theme Vertical Layout
  • Border Style
  • DropDown Icon
  • Theme Style
  • Menu Trigger
  • Default Settings