Feature 8

Auto Highlight Current Menu Item and Its Parent

This template also has the ability to highlight current selected menu item, including its parent menu item. This is very useful to know which page that belongs to which menu item you are visiting.

Not only that, you can also see that the selected parent menu item will be scrolled-up to the top of Sidebar when the page is being load. This effect is only happened when the Sidebar height (including the opened submenu item) is greater than the normal Sidebar height.

In this demo, you may simply click Features menu item, and click on one of the submenu item in it, and see it in action beautifully.

Or, you may simply Login, and then click another menu item that has submenu item in it.

  • Header Position
  • Menu Position
  • Footer Position
  • Menu Icon
  • Item Border
  • SubItem Border
  • Theme Vertical Layout
  • Border Style
  • DropDown Icon
  • Theme Style
  • Menu Trigger
  • Default Settings